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Fresh Thinking on Product Purchasing

September 15, 2014

Set in the sweet spot between the opposing poles of unadulterated consumerism and asceticism, the below treatise written by Bruce Sterling presents a fresh take on how we may want to think about the things we own today, and the way we approach future purchases. Included below are (1) some interesting excerpts, (2) an extended version, and (3) a link to the full essay. (1) Think of material objects as frozen social relationships within space and time. Re-think your relationship to material possessions in terms of things that occupy your time. Cheapness can be value-less. Voluntary simplicity is boring. Less can become too much work. The items that you use incessantly, the items you employ every day, the normal, boring... Continue Reading →

How to Create Custom PV Wiring Diagrams

September 04, 2014

Please feel free to take a look at the attached set of plans for a custom solar array built as a patio cover. Most projects now qualify for expedited permitting which does not require drawing up detailed wiring diagrams. In non-standard scenarios, however, detailed plans approved by a professional engineer may be required.                 Continue Reading →