Unirac Bonding End Clamp DRK 1pc (B, C, D, E, F, K)

by Unirac
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  • Provides bond from rail to Endclamp. Pre-assembled aluminum clamp available in clear or dark finish. Supplied an assembly with a bonding T-bolt, serrated flange nut, and two washers. One washer retains the clamp at the top of the assembly. The other washer should be against the bolt head during assembly. This will enable the clamp to remain upright for module installation.

  • General Information



    Roof Mount



    Model ID/Number:

    302021D/ 302022D/ 302023D/ 302024D/302025D/ 302026D

    Product Line:


    Product Type:

    Bronze Anodized (dark)


    Stainless steel


    Pitched Roof - Rail-Based


    Unirac SolarMount Data Sheet

    Unirac SolarMount Installation Guide

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