UltraTouch Radiant Barrier

by Bonded Logic
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  • UltraTouch Radiant Barrier

    (48 in. x 75 ft.)

    Environmentally-Friendly & Easy to Handle

    Perfect for a wide variety of insulation applications, the UltraTouch Natural Cotton Radiant Barrier Thermal/Acoustic Insulation is an ENERGY STAR certified blanket-type insulation made with 100% recycled natural-fiber padding. With a radiant energy reflection rate of 97%, UltraTouch provides superior acoustical and thermal insulation, helping to minimize heating and cooling costs. It's also easy to work with and causes no fiberglass itch.

    • Blanket-type, foil-faced insulation with recycled natural-fiber padding
    • Controls sound, air currents, vapors, moisture, and radiant heat
    • Lightweight, easy to handle with no skin irritation
    • Contains no formaldehyde or harmful irritants
    • Fire retardant with a Class-A or Class-1 fire rating

    Designed to Protect & Endure Anywhere

    The UltraTouch Radiant Barrier is suitable for use in residential and commercial buildings, cars, trucks, vans, RVs, buses, boats, aircraft, and other vehicles. It works as a radiant heat barrier, acoustic sound barrier, airflow barrier, and thermal heat barrier.

    Natural fibers bring an array of benefits to nearly any application. The 99.5% pure aluminum foil facing used for the UltraTouch Radiant Barrier provides exceptional protection. The barrier is fire-resistant, fungi-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. It's also formaldehyde and resin-free, and offers a non-itch padding that is easy to handle and install.


    These accessory products (sold separately) were specially developed to simplify the installation of insulation for various projects:

    Sticky Stuff: Specially formulated spray adhesive. Works great on most any surface, especially aluminum coatings and metal surfaces. One 12-ounce can will easily cover two 4 ft x 6 ft panels.

    Insul-Tape: Pressure-sensitive industrial aluminum foil tape. Easily trimmed with household scissors. Insul-Tape readily conforms to irregular surfaces, sealing seams, edges, and joints, while providing a superior vapor barrier.


    • Model Number: 30000-11475
    • Manufacturer: Bonded Logic
    • Insulation Type: Radiant Barrier
    • Sheet or Roll: Roll
    • Weight: 66 pounds
    • Product Length: 75 feet
    • Product Thickness : 0.375 inches
    • Assembled Dimensions: 48(W) x 900(H) x 0.375(D) inches
    • ENERGY STAR Certified: Yes
    • Warranty: 1 Year Limited


    Click here to download a detailed cut sheet!

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    • Water Heater Jacket
    • Radiant Flooring
    • Attic Applications
    • Hot Water Radiator


    Automobile, Truck, & Van Uses:

    • Under Hoods
    • Headliners
    • Firewalls
    • Floorboards
    • Sleeper Compartments
    • Complete Interiors
    • Refrigeration Compartments

    RV & Motor Home Uses:

    • Engine Covers
    • Generator Compartments
    • Ceilings
    • Firewalls
    • Floorboards
    • Walls
    • Dog Houses
    • Complete Interiors

    Boats & Watercraft Uses:

    • Engine Covers
    • Inside Hull
    • Generator Compartments
    • Pump Housing
    • Bulkheads & Overhead

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