Magnum Energy Battery Monitoring Kit ME-BMK

by Magnum Energy
$ 135.00

    The ME-BMK is a single battery bank amp-hour meter that monitors and provides important information about the condition of the battery. This information will let you know how much energy you have available, and let you plan your electrical usage to ensure the battery is not being overdischarged. The ME-BMK is easy to install and is designed to be networked with a Magnum Energy inverter/charger using a remote (ME-RC50 or ME-ARC50) or router (ME-RTR) to display information about your battery bank. The ME-BMK is compatible with all Magnum inverters/chargers that have been provided with a Magnum Net or Network port (see Figure 2-1). The ME-BMK requires either an ME-RC50 (revision 2.0 or higher) remote, ME-ARC50 remote, or an ME-RTR router to access the available settings and features. The ME-BMK is compatible with 12, 24, or 48 volt systems. This model is equipped with a precision 500A/50mv DC shunt.


    If your ME-RC50 remote’s revision is not 2.0 or higher, refer to one of the two options below to obtain the required revision.

     1) If the ME-BMK is being installed at the same time as a newly purchased Magnum inverter and ME-RC50 remote system, contact your Magnum Energy dealer to obtain the ME-RC50 with a revision of 2.0 or higher.

    2) If the ME-BMK is being added to a previously installed Magnum inverter and ME-RC50 remote system, contact Magnum Energy about the ME-RC50 upgrade options.


    ME-BMK Data Sheet

    ME-BMK Owner’s Manual

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