Gardena Rain Sensor, Electronic

by Gardena
$ 55.00
  • Don't Water When It Rains

    The streets are flooding. There’s a wild thunderstorm shaking the house. You are dry and comfortable inside with a warm cup of coffee, safe from the rain outside...Until your spouse walks in through the front door in a droopy, dripping raincoat, complaining.

    “WHY are the sprinklers running?”

    You don’t know why they’re on, but you don’t have time to explain. “We waste too much water. It’s getting ridiculous!” Your spouse clomps loudly down the hallway in drenched clothes.

    All of that could have been avoided if your household had a better way to save water when it doesn’t need to be used. With a Gardena Rain Sensor, you get just that. Used with any compatible Gardena irrigation product, the sensor regulates automatic irrigation, preventing the system from watering if it detects rain.

  • Accessory for Gardena Irrigation Products

    As an accessory for select Gardena irrigation products, such as the Water Timer (sold separately), the Gardena Rain Sensor (Electronic) detects rainfall to stop scheduled irrigation, thereby saving water. Irrigation will not begin if it is raining, and if it begins raining, the sensor will stop irrigation immediately.

    • Works with select Gardena irrigation products
    • Stops scheduled watering when sensor detects rainfall
    • Reacts quickly to immediately turn off water if it starts to rain
    • Stake can be placed in soil or surface mounted

    The Rain Sensor features fast reaction to the start of rainfall, which is made possible by its optical-electronic operation principle. The sensor has a spike that you can either surface mount or stick into the ground, perhaps in a bed of plants. The sensor comes with a 5-meter (~16.5-ft.) connecting cable that plugs into your Gardena irrigation product. It operates on one 9V alkaline battery (not included). The battery will provide reliable measurements for about one year.

    NOTE: Requires a compatible Gardena product (sold separately) to operate. See compatibility list under Technical Stuff. Battery not included.


    • Model Number: 1189-20 (Art. No. 8701)
    • Manufacturer: Gardena
    • Power Supply: One (1) 9V alkaline battery (not included)

    Compatible GARDENA Products:

    • Water Timer (No. 8701)
    • Water Computers EasyControl (No. 1881)
    • Irrigation Control Systems 4040 modular (No. 1276), 4030 (No. 1283) and 6030 (No. 1284)
    • FlexControl (No. 1883)
    • SelectControl (No. 1885)
    • T 1030 card (No. 1830)
    • MultiControl (No. 1862)
    • MultiControl duo (No. 1874)
    • MasterControl (No. 1864)
    • MasterControl solar (No. 1866)
    • Controller 9V (No. 1250)
    • Flower Box Watering (No. 1407)


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