LG MonoX Solar Module (60-cell, 270W / 275W / 280W)

by LG
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  • Pete the photon was a dreamer. While everyone around him burned red hot, mindlessly flinging themselves around the interior of the sun for eons, Pete longed for something more. One day he gathered his courage and ventured up to the sun’s surface where things were cooler and the views could not be beat. Soon, Pete joined a group of like-minded photons and they leaped in rays off the sun, into the great unknown.

    After hurtling through space at the speed of light for a few glorious minutes, Pete landed with a splash on the tempered glass of a monocrystalline solar cell. As his energy was harnessed and efficiently turned into power, Pete whooped with joy!

    Finally, he was more than just light and heat - he was electricity!

    In the 8 minutes it takes for the sun’s rays to travel through space to the earth, they reduce in temperature from 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit to a balmy 61, and diffuse perfectly for a sunny stroll around town. They’re also primed to be captured by solar cells and turned into electricity to power your fridge or charge your toothbrush. They travel from the surface to the sun, to your dental hygiene, in less than 9 minutes. Now that’s speedy delivery!

  • Efficient, Durable Solar Modules

    Introduced by LG in 2010, the MonoX series of solar modules offers the best balance between efficiency, value, and design among all solar modules on the market today. Whether you need to add modules to your existing system or you want to maximize solar output for a new system, LG MonoX Solar Modules are an ideal solution. As they say, “With LG, it’s all possible.”

    • 60-cell solar module with 16.5% to 17.1% efficiency
    • Lightweight design reduces load on roof
    • Robust construction for long-term durability
    • Easy to install and 100% EL tested

    THREE (3) MODELS AVAILABLE: 270 Watt, 275 Watt, 280 Watt

    The key feature of MonoX modules is their exceptionally lightweight design. Only 37 pounds (16.8 kilograms) each, these modules exert minimal pressure on the roof and offer improved safety to installers. All MonoX solar modules are purposely designed for simple installation. From transportation to the grounding stage to the connection stage, these modules are quick and easy to set up.

    There are four main features that benefit installers:

    • Clamp Guideline Marks: By marking the clamp guideline on the frame of the module, LG shows you the maximum mechanical load support. There is no need to measure the module and determine the midpoint.
    • Fixed Cable: The hooks attached to each side of the modules are fixed cables that allow multiple modules to be conveniently connected. Connect and carry them around without worry.
    • 3-Way Grounding Holes: With grounding holes provided in three different directions on each corner, these modules support versatile installation. Each module has 12 holes total.
    • Soft, Safe Edge: MonoX modules are built to keep installers safe. The corner finish allows a secure grip, so there is less risk of damaging the module and injuring yourself.

    MonoX solar modules also feature durable construction for long-term use in rough environmental conditions. They have been tested to deliver exceptional strength, withstanding external pressure up to 5400 Pa. MonoX modules are also equipped with factory-installed bypass diodes. These provide built-in circuit protection for the systems within the specified system voltage.

      Certified Quality

      Every MonoX product is developed through LG's solar module test lab, which earned full certification from both Underwriters Laboratory and the TÜV. LG solar panels have also earned the CarbonFree® Certification label from the Carbon Free Foundation.

      LG subjects its solar modules to strict quality testing to ensure accurate specified power outputs, boasting a positive nominal tolerance beginning at 0%. All LG modules also undergo electroluminescence inspection to detect any cracks and other defects that are invisible to the naked eye.


      1. Installation hardware is not included.

      2. A minimum slope of 5 inches per foot for installation over a roof is required to maintain the fire class ratings. The array frame shall be grounded in accordance with NEC Article 250.

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      Data Sheets

      Click here for 270W (LG270S1C-B3) data sheet

      Click here for 275W (LG275S1C-B3) data sheet

      Click here for 280W (LG280S1C-B3) data sheet

      More Information

      Click here for MonoX installation manual

      Click here for LG Solar warranty information


      Key Details 270W 275W 280W
      Manufacturer LG
      Model Number LG270S1C-B3 LG275S1C-B3 LG280S1C-B3
      Color Black
      Cells 60
      Frame 35mm, Anodized Aluminum
      Efficiency 16.5% 16.8% 17.1%
      PTC (PVUSA Test Conditions) 247.9W 252.6W 255.2W
      Approvals DVE, UL, cUL, CE, KM 564573 BSEN61215
      Certifications IEC 61215, IEC 61730-1/-2; Salt Mist Corrosion Test (IEC61701); DLG-Fokus Test “Ammonia Resistance”; UL 1703, ISO 9001
      Product Warranty 10 years
      Output Warranty of Pmax Limited Linear Warranty* (measurement Tolerance ± 3%). *1) 1st year: 97%, 2) After 2nd year: 0.7%p annual degradation, 3) 80.2% for 25 years.
      Cells 6 x 10
      Cell Type Monocrystalline
      Cell Dimensions 6 x 6 inches (156.5 x 156.5 mm)
      Number of Busbar 3
      Dimensions 64.57(L) x 39.37(W) x 1.38(H) inches (1,640 x 1,000 x 35 mm)
      Static Snow Load 5400 Pa / 113 psf
      Static Wind Load 2400 Pa / 50 psf
      Weight 36.96 ± 1.1 pounds (16.8 ± 0.5 kg)
      Connector Type MC4 connector IP67
      Junction Box IP67 with 3 bypass diodes
      Length of Cables 39.37 inches (1,000 mm)
      Glass High transmission tempered glass

      Additional specifications can be found in the data sheet downloads above.

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