Enphase IQ7 Microinverter

by Enphase
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    • It's the Enphase® IQ7/IQ7PLUS Microinverter

      If you’re looking for a system with a little more oomph, this seventh-generation high-powered microinverter from Enphase is a step up from the IQ6 microinverter, making it suitable for solar panels rated up to 400W. 

      The IQ7/IQ7PLUS maximizes energy production and efficiency by transforming DC input into AC output via safer, isolated DC circuitry without a ground electrode conductor or a neutral wire. 

      Mom raised us to never be negative. But hey, electrons rock. The IQ7/IQ7PLUS is beautiful because it’s simple, and this means fewer parts and easier installation. How easy? A smart dog could probably do it, emphasis on smart. My Eddie chewed it to pieces.

    • Save Money & Installation Time

      Plug one Enphase® I Microinverter into each solar module in your PV system to convert the sun’s energy into usable AC power. Designed for use with high-power solar modules, the IQ7/IQ7PLUS Microinverter increases energy output and facilitates simple installation through its "all-AC" solution. The inverter is optimized for 60- and 72-cell modules up to 400 Watts, and supports low-voltage operation.

      • Integrated ground eliminates need for GEC or WEEB
      • Neutral wire eliminated
      • Reduces impact of dust, shading, and debris
      • No GEC, DC design, or string calculation needed
      • Easy to install with Enphase Engage Cable
      • Free remote monitoring via Enlighten online software


    • About the Enphase System

    • The Enphase Microinverter System comprises three main components: 1) the IQ Microinverter, 2) Enlighten software, and 3) the Envoy IQ Communications Gateway. Each Enphase Microinverter connects to the free, cloud-based Enlighten software (either My Enlighten for owners or Enlighten Manager for professionals). You can log into your online Enlighten account to monitor and manage your solar panel array from anywhere you have Internet access. Each microinverter transmits its performance data to your account via the Envoy IQ Communications Gateway.

  • The Enphase® IQ7/IQ7PLUS Microinverter interfaces with the following additional Enphase® components:

    • IQ cable (12 AWG) with connectors
    • Enlighten® monitoring/analysis software
    • Envoy® IQ Communications Gateway: Router connection between the inverter and Enlighten® software. 

    NOTE: Compatible with 60-cell and 72-cell modules ONLY. Solar modules and additional Enphase System components are not included.

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