Enphase Frame Mount

by Enphase
$ 7.25
  • Attach Enphase Microinverters to the Module Frame

    You can speed up installation time for your solar panel array by bolting the microinverters directly to the solar module's frame using the Enphase Frame Mount. This mount makes Enphase microinverters compatible with a variety of rail-less and ballasted systems, expanding the versatility of Enphase systems even further. It also makes installation quicker, because you can attach microinverters on the ground and carry just one complete part up to the roof.

      • Bolts the Enphase microinverter to your module frame
      • Constructed from rust-proof aluminum for long-term durability
      • Requires fewer parts for reduced installation cost
      • Two-piece bracket attaches in three simple steps
      • .



    • Model Number: EFM-35MM (Fits 35mm module) / EFM-40MM (Fits 40mm module)
    • Manufacturer: Enphase
    • Material: Anodized aluminum


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