APS 500W Microinverter MC4 YC500A

by APS
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  • The APS YC500A is a grid-tied microinverter with intelligent networking and monitoring systems to ensure maximum efficiency. Highly dependable and cost effective, the YC500A handles up to 310W modules with negligible clipping, delivering 250W AC per module with dual MPPT. One single unit connects 2, count them, 2 solar modules. Half the inverters and half the installation means real cost savings for residential and commercial customers. Up to 14 solar modules in one string with 20A breaker.

  • Warranty Information

    Product Warranty:

    Years:             10 years

    Extended Warranty:

    Years:             25 years

    Electrical Specifications

    Peak Inverter Efficiency:       95.5%

    CEC Weighted Efficiency:     95%

    Recommended PV Input (STC):       620W

    Maximum DC Input Voltage: 55V

    Maximum DC Input Current: 24A

    AC Nominal Voltage:             208 V 240 V

    AC Frequency:                       60Hertz

    Continous AC Power Output:          500Watts

    Nominal AC Current:             2.4Ampers

    Mechanical Data & Components

    Enclosure Rating:     NEMA 4X

    Dimensions:               8.75 × 6.5 × 1.1 inches

    Weight:                       5.5 pounds

    General Information

    Category:                    Single-phase Grid tied

    Manufacturer:                        APS America

    Model ID/Number:      YC500A

    Product Line:             YC


    APS YC500A Data Sheet

    APS YC500A Installation Manual

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